Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

3 Reasons To Hire Event Security Guards

Maureen Olson

When you are planning a big party like a wedding, corporate conference, or music festival, it can be overwhelming to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row. You may be focused on details like catering and event decorations, when the fact of the matter is that safety should be one of the biggest concerns—especially these days. Here are three reasons to hire event security guards, and why you won't regret the investment. 

1. You're Expecting A-List Attendees

When celebrities, politicians, or well-known business owners will be in attendance, the climate of your event can change in an instant. Celebrities can spark strange questions from your other guests, and politicians can create large divides that make people want to argue about the issues. 

To keep the peace and ensure that nothing bad happens, hire event security guards with experience in the type of event you are hosting. Give them specific instructions for what to do when, such as when the people of interest arrive. 

2. Alcohol Will Be Involved

Whenever alcohol is involved, the risk for issues increases. People may become more jovial or more agitated, and you never know if you will be faced with escorting someone out, breaking up a fight, or struggling with loud, boisterous statements. 

Anytime you are serving alcohol at a large event, make sure you have enough event security guards present. Ask how they plan to lawfully restrain people who are acting out, and how they will take care of issues inconspicuously. 

3. People Will Have Strong Feelings

When you know that people in attendance don't necessarily agree, plan on having event security in place. For instance, if you are hosting a town meeting to discuss a big change that could impact property values, event security professionals could help to keep the peace. Other times when security may be important include weddings that families don't agree on, music festivals with controversial guests, or times when people might disagree on the reason you are meeting in the first place. 

Planning events can be difficult, so make sure you have everything in place to keep people safe. As you talk with different event security professionals, ask them about their previous experience and commitment to safety. Ask which kinds of situations they have found themselves in while guarding, how they handled the issue, and how the plan to make your event even safer.      


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