Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Count On Your Event Security Professionals To Screen These Individuals

Maureen Olson

If you're going to have one or more security officer-staffed checkpoints set up at your event, it's important to realize that your security professionals will do more than just screen your guests. While you'll want to ensure that those who approach the checkpoint and identify themselves as guests are actually on the guest list, and thus allowed to enter, it can be easy to overlook that other individuals may attempt to gain access to the event by misrepresenting themselves. Any conscientious security team will also screen people who identify themselves in this way.


If someone really wants to enter your event for any unscrupulous reason, it may be easy for him or her to dress up as a member of the staff and walk in. For example, if you're having a catered event, someone can dress in a black suit that matches what many catering professionals wear and then enter the event. Count on your security officers to speak to each person who identifies himself or herself as a staff member before allowing access to the event. Generally, you'll want to provide a list of staff members so that your security officers can reference the list when speaking to people.


Another easy way to gain entry to an event is to misrepresent yourself as a member of the media. For example, a protester could simply wear a camera around his or her neck, carry a notepad, and attempt to get into the venue under the guise of being a working member of the media. Your security officers will likely be well aware of this ruse and won't fall for it. They'll screen each purported media member before allowing entry — and that's only if you've indicated that certain members of the media are allowed at your event.


Depending on the nature of your event, it might be plausible that some guests get dropped off and then picked up later on. This scenario may open the door to people attempting to attend the event to pick up someone — but they actually have plans to disrupt the event in some manner. Your security officers will be vigilant about allowing people to enter the event under this guise. For example, if someone approaches the door and states that he or she quickly entering to pick up his or her spouse, the security officers may instead ask the person to wait until the spouse exits.

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