Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Keeping Employees Safe In A 24-Hour Business

Maureen Olson

The health and safety of your customers and employees should be the number one priority of your company. Businesses that operate on a 24-hour schedule are at risk of robbery or theft, especially late at night. In order to keep your employees safe, you should enact certain safety rules and regulations. Here are some ways to keep your business safer during 24-hour operations.

Set up a camera system

A good security system is the backbone of security for a business. Make sure that you set up a camera system that pics up good images consistently. Camera systems for businesses should be placed everywhere that is not private, including the exterior of your building. Aim the cameras towards entrances and towards any parking lots so that if anything happens, you will be able to provide the police with a description of people, cars, and license plates as necessary. Be sure that the cameras are clearly visible so that you can deter any type of crime in and around your business. 

Always keep more than one person on duty

It is important that no one is left alone in a business that operates constantly. If night hours tend to be lean with customers, it is common for companies to have only one worker. Having two workers keeps the business and the employees safer. Two employees at a time also mean that the employees can do a count down of the register and add money to the safe. With less money in sight, robbers may be less likely to attempt to rob the store for petty cash. If someone has to call out, ask a manager to fill in on duty or hire a security officer to sit with the lone employee for the night. 

Develop a relationship with law enforcement

If the cops know that your business operates night and day, they can drive by or make stops at your place of business to check on the employees. If anything seems amiss, such as the doors are closed or employees seem to be missing, the police can make a report and sound an early alarm for a possible crime.  Let law enforcement officers in your own know your personal cell phone and home information so that they may inform you if they catch a crime on your premises. A good relationship with law enforcement will also give criminals a reason to avoid your business like the plague. 


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