Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Protect The People Who Attend The Church That You Serve At

Maureen Olson

Churchgoers should be able to attend a house of worship without needing to worry about a disruptive person threatening harm. Your job as a pastor is to provide religious and moral support, and you may be so preoccupied with giving a sermon that you won't have time to react if an altercation were to occur. If you and your clergymen participate in online church security training, the proper protocol will be followed during an emergency situation and safety will be preserved

Identifying The Severity

Today's society may not seem as innocent as it did when you were growing up. The use of drugs, the desperation associated with the need for money, and mental issues can result in increased violence. During a security training program, you and the other participants will be presented with a series of scenarios that could potentially occur.

A masked intruder who breaks into the church during a service or when you and a couple of others are the only ones present, an irate individual who is part of the congregation, a hostage situation, or a bomb threat are some realistic scenarios that could pose a threat.

In some situations, attempting to diffuse the situation by speaking calmly or by appeasing a troubled person may be the best course of action. For potentially dangerous situations, it may be a better idea to hide in a designated area or to use deterrents and force to overcome a negative situation.

Investing In Safety Devices And Using Force

Deterrents, a new locking system, two-way radios, magnetic door strips, and floodlighting are products that will help keep the church and its members safe. Train the members of your clergy to use each item that you have purchased. The online training course may also guide you in using items that are designed to increase safety. Using force should be only implemented as a last resort.

If someone's life is truly in danger and a perpetrator has revealed a weapon or has indicated that they have intentions to cause destruction or to kill another human being, a knife or a gun can be lifesaving. If you choose to purchase weapons, each person who works at the church needs to be trained to use the items. Guns and knives need to be locked up at all times, and only one or two people should be designated as the ones who can retrieve the weapons.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers online church security training.


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