Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Cameras And Alarm Systems Have Vulnerabilities: Explore Security Guard Services

Maureen Olson

There is a fairly common belief that security cameras and alarm systems offer the ultimate in building security. Although these systems do enhance your security presence, they have some areas of vulnerability. Learn more about what these risks are.

Breaches and Hacking

Both cameras and alarm systems can be overtaken by hackers. A skilled intrusion expert could do everything from disabling the system remotely to intercepting video footage from a camera on-site. Whatever the breach involves, it lowers the integrity of the system and puts your business at an elevated risk. Older alarm systems are at an even higher risk of facing this sort of outcome. Additionally, even with extra protection measures, these systems are still vulnerable to attack.

System Failure

Although these systems have all sorts of features, at their core they are electronic devices. With any electric system, there is a great chance that the system could fail. For example, if a powerful storm came through your area, it could knock out the power supply to the alarm system, even if you have a power backup. When the system fails, one very important thing reigns true: your business is not protected. 

Manual Adjustments

Did you know that some intruders even manually adjust or manipulate cameras? For instance, when some intruders enter a building, they will try to adjust the direction of the cameras or block their field of view so that the intruders can go around the building undetected. The problem with this issue is that as long as the camera can easily be reached, adjusting the camera is fairly easy to do. A camera that does not capture what is going on is useless. 

Enhanced Protection

You have the opportunity to bypass these and other risks by exploring the option of on-site security guard services. Security professionals cannot be hacked, their internal systems do not fail, and they cannot be manipulated in the same way someone would move a camera to change the field of view. 

Subsequently, they are in place to provide you a greater sense of protection that an alarm or camera system simply would not be able to perform. Whether you need security around the clock or only after hours, a guard service can meet your needs and ensure your business is protected. 

Having the best protection for your building is very important. Make sure you explore all the options available to keep your building safe. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers security guard services.


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