Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Tips For Those Looking To Work As Security Guards

Maureen Olson

If you have a strong sense of protecting others and ensuring justice is served, security guard work might be a good fit as a career. It's a special type of position that you'll want to prepare for carefully. These specific steps can help you land a security guard position. 

Receive Specialty Training

Employers looking to hire security guards will be most interested in candidates that have a lot of specialty training. It shows them that candidates are completely fit for the role from day one, which saves them from providing further training.

There are many forms of training that will come in handy for this role, including hand-to-hand combat, gun course safety training, and surveillance computer equipment instruction.

It may take you some time to gain these skills and go through specialized training courses, but it will serve you well in this career where threats always loom.

Make Sure You Have a Good Temperament

Temperament is so important to assess before applying to an open security guard position. If you didn't have the right attitude or behavior, then you could only escalate dangerous situations and get people hurt. You need to have calmness at all times, even when dangerous situations present themselves, like angry customers in a building.

Keeping your emotions and nerves in check means you can let your training take over rather than doing something on impulse. Some people have this temperament and then others have to build it up through training and exercise. Know where your temperament stands so that you can adjust it prior to applying if it's not where it needs to be. 

Carefully Review Job Requirements

Not all security guard positions are the same. Some may have you flying across the country protecting high-profile clients and then others may be strictly monitoring a building at night. 

Before you apply to any security guard position, go through the job requirements carefully. You'll then know what is expected of you and what your day to day life will be like in this role. Don't be afraid to pass on a position if the requirements are not to your liking or are simply not appropriate for your particular set of skills.

Security guards get the chance to protect and serve in many different industries and help all kinds of people. If you're interested in seeking this type of work, figure out what's required and do everything you can to stand out from other applicants.

For more information, reach out to a security guard company.


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