Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Ways That Security Guards Can Be Of Assistance At Your Campground

Maureen Olson

If you operate a campground, you can expect that your staff members will perform a wide range of duties. While you might have some individuals who can enforce the rules at various times, it's advantageous to think about working with a local security company that can provide some guards to you. Whether you have one or more guards on duty daily or you simply use guards on weekends and at other times that your campground is crowded, these security professionals can render all sorts of assistance. Here are some ways that your guards can be useful at your campground.

Alcohol Enforcement

Different campgrounds have different regulations concerning the consumption of alcohol. For example, you might permit your campers to drink alcohol when they're in their own individual campsites, but not in other areas such as the beach, playground, and other locations. Unfortunately, there may be guests of your campground who either aren't aware of this rule or don't follow it, and this is where private security guards can help. They can approach anyone who appears to be breaking this policy and inform them of the rule.

Noise Infractions

Campgrounds can be lively environments during the day, but many sites ask their campers to adhere to a quiet policy after a certain hour. For example, you might request that campers keep their voices down and turn off their music after 9 or 10 p.m. Campers who don't follow this rule can bother those who are in nearby campsites — and this can lead to people lodging complaints with your staff or even writing bad reviews of your campground online. Security staff can patrol the campground after your quiet policy comes into effect each evening and speak to anyone who isn't following the rule.

First Aid

While a campground isn't an inherently dangerous environment, there are still some potential issues that campers can face. Having security guards on the scene is valuable because security personnel have extensive training in first aid. Should there be an emergency that your staff members aren't equipped to handle, they can quickly turn to your security guards. Examples of issues that may occasionally occur at a campground include heat stroke, broken bones, exposure to poison ivy, dehydration, and more. Security guards will know how to handle each of these cases to keep your campers safe.

Contact a security company, like GS1group, Inc., to learn more about how security guards can assist your campground.


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