Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Features That Allow You to Secure Items to Your ATE Helmet

Maureen Olson

When you shop for an above-the-ear (ATE) helmet, the first thing that you may be thinking about is head protection. For security officers and other similar professionals, this type of helmet provides a high degree of protection in volatile environments. Another thing that should be on your mind is what items you may wish to secure to your helmet. Security professionals rarely use ATE helmets without one or more items attached to them, so you'll want to assess a few helmet designs to find a product that offers you multiple ways of mounting the items that you plan to use.

Here are some features that you may find on your ATE helmet.

Hook-and-Loop Patches

Hook-and-loop patches are common on lots of ATE helmets, which will give you a foundation to mount certain lightweight things. While there are many items that you may wish to mount using hook-and-loop patches, a popular choice is to mount badges to the helmet in this manner. If you have badges that read SECURITY, feature the name and/or logo of your security company, or your security officer number, you can mount them to the hook-and-loop patches that frequently appear on each side of the helmet.

Bungee Cords

If you browse several ATE helmets, you'll likely find some models that have bungee cords attached to them. While the location of this feature may differ from model to model, a common location is on the top of the helmet. In many cases, the bungee cord will stretch back and forth across the top of the helmet in a zigzag manner. It's possible to secure a number of different devices to the helmet by placing them between the helmet and the bungee cord. If you're working in the dark, you may think about placing a flashlight in this location.

Rail Systems

Lots of ATE helmets make use of a rail system, with rails for mounting various devices appearing in different locations. Depending on the helmet that you buy, it may have a pair of rails above the openings for the ears, and there may also be a rail system across the front of the helmet. There are numerous accessories on the market that you can secure to a helmet's rails. If you're using an over-ear communications system, it will often mount to the rails above your ears. A night-vision system, meanwhile, will often mount to the rail on the front of the helmet.


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