Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Reasons To Hire A Security Guard For A Gated Neighborhood

Maureen Olson

Living in a gated neighborhood appeals to many homeowners. However, sometimes being gated is not enough. If you are on the board of the homeowners association for a gated neighborhood, you may want to seriously consider hiring a security guard to work in your community. Many security companies can assign multiple security guards to work in your gated neighborhood, thus ensuring that someone is present around the clock, every day of the year. Thus, the services of security guards in your gated neighborhood should be seen as a smart investment and good use of funds collected from HOA assessments. Some of the top reasons to hire a security guard for a gated neighborhood include:

Boost Overall Security and Monitor Traffic

When a neighborhood is enclosed and gated, that provides a level of security, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the gate will keep everyone out. When you have a security guard located near the gate to your neighborhood, they will be able to continually monitor visitors and keep track of all of the vehicles and foot traffic that is coming or going. This will prevent vehicles who have no reason to be in the neighborhood from following behind a resident when the gate is opened. A security guard will also make sure that no one tries to climb over the gate or damage it in any way.

Help Guests and Announce Visitors

One benefit of living in a gated neighborhood that has a security guard is the fact that the security guard will be available to help guests and announce visitors. If you're expecting a person or service provider, you can simply leave their name with the security guard, and they will let them into your community when they arrive. Likewise, if someone shows up unannounced and wants to go to your house, a security guard will contact you and confirm that you want the person to have access to the neighborhood.

Assistance with Gate Issues

Residents of a gated neighborhood typically have a remote control or code that allows them to open the gate when they arrive home. However, that doesn't mean that the remote control may not malfunction or become lost. It is also possible for gate control boxes to glitch and not open the gate even when the right code is submitted. Having a security guard at the gate can help with these issues — your security guard will be able to open the gate for you so you can get home without any issues. 

For more information about using a gated neighborhood security service, contact a local company, like Archon Protection.


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