Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Benefits Of Hiring Fire Watch Security Guards For Sites That Involve Hot Work

Maureen Olson

If hot work takes place in or around your building, it is important to monitor potential fire hazards. Then you will not be as exposed to dangerous situations. Fire watch security guards are the perfect professionals to hire for these thorough and proven fire monitoring services. 

Routinely Test Fire Sprinkler System

A good way to neutralize fires that develop in or around buildings is to activate a sprinkler system. As soon as fires are detected, this system will activate and distribute enough water for effective suppression. If you hire a fire watch security guard, this system will be tested on a routine basis.

At key intervals in the year, the fire watch security guard will inspect this system's condition and perform tests that let them make important assessments. If any issues are present with this sprinkler system, the fire watch security guard can show exactly what they are and what should be done about them. 

Watch Out for Signs of Smoke

If hot work is a frequent activity that happens around your building, there probably will be smoke detectors that go off when there is a real threat of a fire. You can couple these detectors with regular monitoring from a fire watch security guard.

They'll walk around the exterior and interior of your building regularly to watch for signs of smoke. Having this extra layer of smoke monitoring and detection helps tremendously, especially if your smoke detector stopped working or ran out of batteries.

Deal With Blockages Around Emergency Exits

In the event of a fire in your building, the best way to leave the property is to go through emergency exits. They are intended for this exact purpose. For these exits to be of use, they need to be completely clear. A fire watch security guard can go around checking your emergency exits every day before hot work operations take place. 

If there are blockages that would hinder people from being able to easily move through these exits, the guard can make the appropriate adjustments. They'll keep these exits prepped and primed just in case actual fire emergencies develop.

Hot work is any type of work that produces a lot of heat, including welding and flame cutting. If it takes place around your building often, be sure to hire fire watch security guards. They'll prove valuable for keeping your building up to code and better protected from fires. 


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