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Choosing Home Security

Types Of Automatic Gates For Residential Properties

Maureen Olson

There are several reasons you may want to install an automatic gate opener. One of the main reasons homeowners install this type of gate system is for added security. The gates can be attached to pre-existing fences. They also come in various types, depending on the type of opener and power source you would like to use. Here are a few of the types and what to know about each one. 

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the most common type of automatic gate openers. When the opener is triggered, the gate will slide to either the left or the right depending on the gate manufacturer and your installation requests. The sliding gate option operates with a rail-style system, allowing the moving portion of the gate to sit on the rail and be moved by a mechanism. The automatic sensor can operate on solar power or electric power and will activate when your vehicle comes within the range of the sensor.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are popular with people who would prefer not to have a sliding mechanism and rails. The gate is on a spring-type system that allows it to slowly swing open when the car comes in line with the opener system. The swing gates are ideal for larger driveways where there is room for your vehicle and space for the swing of the gate. They can also be equipped on a timer to swing back into place or can swing back into place by using a wireless remote. 

Double Gates

Double gates can be installed to either swing or slide open. The largest difference with this type of gate opener system is the double gate technology. This is ideal for much larger vehicles such as farm trucks. The double gates can be installed into existing fence lines and may operate on one automatic opener. They can also be open with a wireless control remote like swing and slide gate options. 

These are just a few of the types of automatic gate openers available for your residential property. If you are ready to have one installed, contact your local fencing contractor. They can offer an onsite analysis to which type of gate may be ideal for your property. They can also answer questions regarding the gate, installation, and power source options you may have. They can also determine if electric or solar-powered gates would be best depending on your property location and weather conditions.

Contact an automatic driveway gate opener service near you to learn more.


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