Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Three Security Screen Door Styles To Consider

Maureen Olson

One simple way to improve your home's security is to install a security screen door in front of your main door. This metal door adds an extra layer of defense against break-ins, which is especially important if an incident were to occur while you and your family are in your home. Security screen doors are extremely difficult for a criminal to breach, and the presence of this door may deter a criminal from even attempting to target your home. When you shop for a security screen door, you'll see several different styles. Here are three options that are popular choices for homeowners.

Full Screen

Some doors consist of a thin frame around the perimeter and are otherwise entirely made of a large piece of screen. This design has somewhat of a minimalist look, as there aren't any decorative elements that really stand out. If you like the look of your main front door and you want to be able to clearly see it through your screen door, this design will be a good choice. You'll find screen doors of this type in a few different colors, including white and black, which will allow you to choose a product that is a good visual fit with the front of your home.

Standard Bars and Screen

There are lots of security screen doors on the market that not only feature the outer frame and screen, but also have a number of bars placed in strategic areas. The bars can appear vertically and/or horizontally, with different sizes of gaps between the bars. Many people find security doors that include bars offer extra peace of mind. For example, even though the screen itself is extremely challenging to penetrate, the presence of the bars will virtually guarantee that a criminal is unable to enter your residence.

Decorative Bars and Screen

If you like the idea of a security screen door with bars but find that vertical and/or horizontal bars lack a bit of visual appeal, you might wish to choose a door that has decorative bars. Many of these doors are available for sale, so you won't have trouble choosing a design that appeals to you. Some bars are made to depict natural elements such as vines or flowers, while others simply have an abstract design that looks stylish. Learn more about the many different types of security screen doors on the market by contacting a security company like Guardian Security Screens.


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