Choosing Home Security

Choosing Home Security

Hiring Unarmed Security Guards For Your Construction Project

Maureen Olson

Construction sites can be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other issues that might not be so obvious. That's why it's important to consider hiring unarmed security guards to protect your project.

Unarmed security guards are an economical and effective way to keep your construction site secure and reduce any potential disruptions or liabilities. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring unarmed security guards for your construction project.

Cost-effective Security Solution

Unarmed security guards are a cost-effective solution for keeping your construction project safe from theft and vandalism. Since they don't carry firearms, they require fewer certifications and training than armed guards.

This makes them cheaper than armed guards while still providing the necessary protection you need. Plus, since they don't have guns, you won't have to pay extra for insurance in case of an accident or liability issue.

For example, if an unarmed security guard apprehends a criminal on your property, you don't have to worry about any liability issues that come with using firearms. And since they're unarmed, they can also help create a more positive and secure atmosphere for your workers and visitors.

Large Presence

Unarmed security guards provide a large presence that deters criminals from attempting anything on the construction site. Just their presence alone is enough to make any potential thief think twice before attempting to steal materials or vandalize the property.

These guards have sufficient training to quickly recognize suspicious activity and take preventative measures. If there is an incident, the guard will be able to call law enforcement quickly if needed.

Plus, their presence also offers some comfort to your workers who may feel uneasy about working late on the site or in a remote location. Knowing that someone is there to monitor the property provides added reassurance and peace of mind to help them stay focused on the job.

Flexible Scheduling

Finally, unarmed security guards provide more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. They can be deployed for short-term assignments or longer-term projects to provide the necessary protection without breaking your budget. This makes them a great choice for construction projects that require around-the-clock security or for projects with limited security resources.

Unarmed guards can be deployed to guard the property during daytime hours and then redeployed during overnight shifts to ensure your construction site remains secure 24/7. And since they are unarmed, they can also be deployed in more remote locations where the presence of firearms may not be appropriate.

Unarmed security guards provide an affordable and effective solution for protecting your construction project from theft and vandalism. They also provide a large presence that deters criminals from acting out and reduces liability issues in case something does happen onsite. If you want added peace of mind knowing that your project is secure 24/7, then hiring unarmed security guards is definitely worth considering. 

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